2017 Hyundai Motor Company PR Brochure

Key concept: Moments in Motion

현대자동차의 브랜드 슬로건인 “Modern Premium”을 향한 모든 <Motion>들이 고객 삶의 모든 <Moments>에 기여하고자 함을 컨셉으로 <Meeting Modern Premium, Experiencing Modern Premium, Anticipating Modern Premium>의 섹션으로 스토리 구조를 만들었습니다. 브랜드 가치의 구체적인 표현을 위해 표지부터 전반부 Narrative 섹션까지 Brand Grid System을 적용하였으며, Brand Manifesto를 고객 삶과 연결시킨 내용을 전반부에 구성하였습니다. Hyundai Sand 컬러를 main으로 <Motion>을 표현하는 다이나믹한 이미지 & 기하학적 그래픽과 <Moments>를 표현하는 감성적인 이미지 & 카피로 전체적으로 조화롭게 구성하였습니다.

Hyundai Motor’s brand slogan is “Modern Premium”. The purpose of the various “Motions” included in the brochure is to show readers how various facets of the company’s products fit into their everyday lives. This is also why the brochure is divided into three sections: Meeting Modern Premium, Experiencing Modern Premium, and Anticipating Modern Premium. We used the Brand Grid System in the first half of the brochure (which ranges from its cover to the Narrative section) to make specific representations about our brand value. We also included content in the first half of the brochure that connects the company’s Brand Manifesto with the day-to-day lives of our customers. We chose Hyundai Sand as our main color to ensure that the brochure had a feeling of harmony to it, using dynamic images and geometrical graphics to make readers think of “Motion”, while emotional images and text were deployed to express the concept of “Moments”.

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